Sep. 7, 2016

Hello Routine

Its that time of year again the fall is fast approaching and the kids are back in school which means my moms are all coming back and getting back into there fitness routine.

Getting into a routine helps you when it comes to setting the right goals. you should always set up a schedule when it comes to when your going to workout , what class's , what workout your going to do ect. This helps you prepare yourself and allows you to now skip out on your workouts. 

The first week like anything new is always hard , even if your coming back to it after having the summer off, but I am telling you after that first week your mind and body will be ready to go and will be "craving" those workouts.

Set out an hour ,40,30 mins out of your busy day to take time to make your self fee good, get yourself healthy and work on your fitness goals.