Apr. 12, 2016

Ankle weights, why you can use them and how?

If you seek to add challenge to your workout, to helo you to tone up and want to add some more restience on top of your body weight use a simple pair of ankle weights can deliver the benefits you want,

Tones and Shapes the Legs

On their own, leg raises can improve your flexibility and range of motion. For optimal toning, however, you must add resistance. This does not mean using heavy weights or bulking up. It just means adding weights to your workout to fatigue the muscles.To get the most benefit from your workouts, change things up once in a while. Doing the same exercises the same way all the time will cause your body to adapt to the movements.

Add Resistance to Your Abs Workout

If your abdominal routine has gotten too easy, add ankle weights, which are especially beneficial for targeting the lower abdominal section -- a hard area to train. Instead of doing situps, wear ankle weights and perform bicycle exercises, reverse abdominal lifts and knee-to-chest exercises. When you use ankle weights this way, keep your abdominal muscles contracted.