Feb. 23, 2016

Why you ladies Should Squat

Squats sholud always be Incorprated into your weekly/daily workouts they are equitment free, fat-burning, muscle tonning ,balance, felxibility benififcal exercies.

Why squats are the answer to so many girls prays!

1. squats don't only Target legs:

Squats do not only work one muscle they work everything all muscels in ur entire leg quads, hamdtrings and calves. Also works that booty helping it get tight and lifted ( what every girl wants) also helps work those abs!

2.They Burn fat:

Body weight training, or free weight training is a girls best friend if you are looking to burn fat and build lean toned muscles. squats is a great way to burn calories and burn fat, for the more muscle u gain the more calories you burn! I am not talking about huge manly muscles i am talking about lean muscles!

3. so many ways to squat and you can squat Anywhere

There is so many squats you can do, chair sqaut sumo squats, jump squats , adding side or front kicks to a squat ,one legged squats, squat walks ect. Also as you get stronger you can add more reps, or free weights to make it harder and challange yourself.

4. Helps with blanance and felxibility:

With Squats you always want to focas on pushing off those heels it really helps u with your balance you want to keep that chest up and flex that core to help you stay centered. Also helps your overall range of motion allowing you to come more felixable in your hips and legs, the more you squat the futher you will be able to go down.

5. Helps lift and tighten that booty:

Yes ladies you want the dream butt thats high, tight and perky get going with those squats!