Dec. 29, 2015

How to keep Your new years Resolutions

The new year is right around the corner, have you settled on what goals you want to accomplish this year! Here are some tips i think are helpful with not only comming up with reslutions but with following them so you are able to reach them!

-Frist thing i do is i write them down, you want to be able to put it out there that you are serious, you want to be specific and postive about them. then you should post them somwhere that will always remind you to stay with it!

- Make realistic goals, if you want to loss weight or work out and eat right dont give ur self a unreasinable timeline like i am going to lose 20lbs in a week (Not going to happen) But you want to make it a day by day plan i will workout 3 times a week and only drink water , add more vegtiables in my diet and slowly build.You dont want to start with guns blazing beacuse you will push yourslef to hard to fast. You want to be able to work for them and find out what works best for you.

-Stay postive, no matter what your goal is anything you change in ur life wether its workoing out, eating right , quitting somthing it is going to be hard. But the more you stay postive and take it day by day the battle wont seem so hard. you have to keep looking forward to what you really want and never doubt yourself.

-Never give up " if u fall try again" Nothing comes easy you have to work for it but by keeping a postive attuided and beliving in yourself giving up wont be an option for you. Starting off is a up hill battle but as soon as you reach that point where you can say okay i need to work out today im exictied to try this workout class it will become a way of life ( trust me i have been there) When ever you feel yourself saying ill start tomorrow or i cant do this , think to yourself why you want this, how bad you want this, and push yourself " mind of matter people, you can do anything you set your mind too!

-Share your goals, tell your family and friends what ur goals are in the year to come the more you tell people the more exited you get and the more support you have to really accomplish them.

- Devlope a plan really think about ways you are going to reach ur goal, what things you need to do to perpare and how your going to get started the more perpared you are the more motivated you will be.ex want to eat clean, clean out your kittchen go grocery shopping look up new healthy recipies you can try.

- Keep track of your progress, when I started working out i would keep track on a calander i hung in my room everyday what workout i did, i would plan a week at a time what class i was going to take and what workout i would do each day. it helps you stay on track and look at how far you came.

- Reward yourslef take one day out of the week as your cheat day, when you get to that half way point be excited do something you love to do! Always be proud of yourself no matter how far you go its always further then where u started!

I hope this helps all of you keep your reslutions this year! wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year!