Dec. 28, 2015

Mountain climbing Goal Accomplished

Hey there !

hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, I had an amazing one, christmas eve i got the oppurtnity to climb a moutian in turin Italy it was in total a 3 hour hike and was beautiful. I love hiking and going through trails being outside a discovering whats around me.

This was a whole other journy, i had no idea what to expect being me frist time climbing a real mountian, im not going to lie to was tough it was 90 degrees of stright up hill steep, leg tiring step hills. But ever min higher the view was just breathless. there where times my legs where burning and shaking but i ned gave up. This has been such a big goal of mine and i am so proud i can say i accomplished it. I loved getting to see all the natur and the beautiful veiw it was breath taking.

I wanted to share my goal accomlishment in honor of making your new years resluation goals! never think u cant do somthing beacuse you can, never think a goal is un reachable beaucse if you push ur slef and keep trying you will reach it! belive in your self and accomplish the most !