Oct. 5, 2015

Why soup?


The most exciting thing for me when the weather gets cold is getting to have soup. I am a huge soup lover; It not only warms you up or makes you feel better when you are sick but it so good for you to incorporate in your meals. Here are reason why soup is a good food idea for your diet!


Soup is YUMMY

Soup is warm comforting, and easy to make. You can mix all types of different ingredients and will keep you warm through the winter.

Soup is good healthy calories

So many people say they don’t eat enough vegetables, they don’t know what to eat. Soup is a great way to get the entire vegetable intake you need. There are so many different soup recipes you can try that will give you so many good nutrients that your body is missing. Naming a few:

-Minestrone (vegetable soup)  -squash

-Broccoli                             -leak

-pea                                 - chicken

-split pea

Soup can help slim the waist

It is a good thing to add into your meals, not only is it filling but it has low calories. Try adding a bowl of soup with your salad at lunch or before you have your chicken at dinner, it will help you feel fulland refurbished.

Soup can make you feel better.

It is warm, filled with yummy nutrients and easy to digest! Nicebowl of chicken soup will make you feel better