Apr. 8, 2015

My story

 I found myself very uncomfortable with my body, always buying baggy clothing, dark colours, never wanting to be in a bathing suit feeling embarrassed. Every time I had to go out never have anything to wear and not happy or comfortable. It got to the point where I had to do something about it.

I started with home videos, but would do a half hour workout and eat everything and anything. Which that doesn’t work! Then I heard about Insanity its a 3 month program with different work out videos and a meal plan. Let me tell you after just doing the fit test I was dying, that really made me feel great (NOT). I hated every minute of it waking up super early to get that workout in before work, being so tried and lazy I hated every minute of it! Don’t get me started on the meal plan! well Just an FYI changing your meal plan is even worse I called myself MANGERY yes MANGERY ( mad and hungry) the first week or two where the worst but honestly after that I already could feel the difference even see the difference, I had more energy I started to be able to take less breaks during the workouts, my cravings where calming, I started to feel more full after eating.

All this made me feel great and more motivated and after the first month I stepped on to that god offal scale and scared out of my mind looked down and saw that i lost 10lbs OMGGG ITS WORKING! That has to be the greatest feeling, seeing those results! as the weeks and months continued I finally finished the 3 month program and reached my goal weight!

After the hard work I realized that wow! i did it i feel great that it became a habit a good habit i loved the feeling of waking up and getting a workout in! i loved researching new fun workouts and healthy foods a recipes, that it became a way of life for me, Which made me think huh! I should do this for a living and i did i got my certification worked at a gym meet all types of different people got to work with different types of trainers and learned so much!

I love being able to share my story and get to help people reach their goals and feel good!