My name is Natasha I have in the past two years really made a difference in

my life, I was always very active when I was younger between dance,

swimming, soccer and running around with friends kept me in great shape.

But as I got older, life and responsibilities took over, which made me less

active and lazy!

It got to the point where I found myself very uncomfortable with my body,

always buying baggy clothing, dark colours, never wanting to be in a bathing

suit, feeling embarrassed. Every time I had to go out I never had anything to

wear that I would be comfortable or happy in. It got to the point where I

had to do something about it. I started researching workouts, meal plans,

ANYTHING that could get me on the right path. After endless amounts of

searching I finally got into a program called Insanity. It’s a program that

provides videos and a meal plan. It was a 3 month long process. At the

beginning I couldn’t even get through the fit test. Seeing how out of shape I

was made me want to push even more. The first couple weeks were brutal

torcher! One day I would be motivated and then I would give up. This kept

going but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop.  After one month I dropped

10lbs, and let me tell you seeing those pounds drop keeps you motivated. It

is the greatest feeling that your hard work paid off. After 3 months I

reached my goal weight and from then on my life changed.

I dedicated my life to a healthier life style trying different workouts,

researching healthy foods and recipes and decided to take my passion and

turn it into my job. I got certified for personal training and haven’t looked

back. I love the feeling of helping other people get to their goals and seeing

how good they feel, keeping them motivated and keeping them

I am working with a company called Trainers On Site. We are an on-site

fitness service that helps time-starved or perhaps shy individuals get

workouts delivered right to their house. If you can’t seem to find the time

or hate going to the gym – we have you covered because we bring the gym

to you. Mobile Training ensures all  clients have great results and have

fun doing it conveniently and efficiently.

So take the first step and call me to start making positive changes in your